How to Mine Cryptocurrency Through Computer CPU

by Chris Greenwalty
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Mine Cryptocurrency

In previous times like before 2009, cryptocurrency was nowhere and people did not know about it. With the advancement in technology, cryptocurrency mining became essential for many people on their computers. By using better hardware, the mining process has become more efficient and it has been improved over the years. It is now very easy to mine cryptocurrency easily at computer CPU and you can download software for doing it at your own without any difficulty. With bitcoin popping up, alt-coin prizes are also trending upwards. Although Bitcoin mining on a personal computer is no longer viable, other cryptocurrencies are there that you can mine at home if you are ready to put in the effort.

If the fickleness of investing in cryptocurrencies is an extreme task for you, but still you need to get benefit from the new economy, you can set up a small mining operation of cryptocurrency at home. It will be the right choice for you because you already have a computer at home for your study or for a professional need, and it will help you out to mine cryptocurrency without demanding your efforts to go out and face tough situation while doing it.

Which is the easiest cryptocurrency to mine? Well, the easiest one doesn’t need a requirement from you to build a massive mining rig. Although, it was possible initially to mine Bitcoin through desktops and laptops, the enhancing mining difficulty and arrival of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) hardware was made especially for bitcoin mining. But Bitcoin mining is impossible at home while using the processing power of a laptop or a desktop. It sound like a hopeless situation, right?

Well, the above mentioned scenario presents the situation of difficulty that is associated with bitcoin mining at home, but still, crypto mining from home is still and option. How? It is possible for other popular and demanding cryptocurrencies in 2021. Let’s have a look at some options to mine cryptocurrencies at home.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

|Market Cap: 7.2B | | Average Daily Volume: 3B+ |

Although the digital currency started out that was based on a meme, Dogecoin (DOGE) grew to be an altcoin by a considerable user base. DOGE has been designed for adding new coins every year opposite to the finite supply of bitcoin. For mining DOGE, you have to make it sure that you have a wallet for the purpose of storing your earnings. You have the option of downloading the Doge coin core wallet or you can look on the website for having other online wallets that are suitable for your need.

When you mine cryptocurrency through your CPU, the best software for this purpose is CPU miner. It is possible to mine in this way but at a slow rate. Graphic cards can be used to increase the mining speed. What are your best bets? Well, these are AMD and Nvidia cards. Furthermore, if you want GPU mining, the best options of software that you should use for this purpose are Cqminer or Cudaminer. Graphics Processing Units (GPU) are widely used in the process of mining because of their efficiency regarding their quick counterparts. By having it, you become able to mine cryptocurrency at your home with ease.

Grin (GRIN)

|Market Cap: 30M | | Average Daily Volume: 5M+ |

Told by a dissertation help firm, Grin (GRIN) was brought into sight of the people in January 2019. This project had a lot of focus on privacy and the ability to be scaled accordingly. The Grin block chain engages the MimbleWimble algorithm for supporting the privacy of transactions.

For those who want to mine cryptocurrency at home, the block chain’s ASIC-resistant POW algorithm is the best option that is most relevant to it. Furthermore, those who developed this project had a step ahead for hard coding a hard fork in every six months in order to minimize the effects of any ASICS. These ASICS can be developed in a significant way for its network. 

Both of the mining; CPU and GPU mining are supported by Grin. However, you should buy Nvidia cards if you decide to have GPU way because these are considered as the ones with more efficiency. Additionally, you have to have 5.5 GB space for initiating the process of mining the coin.


|Market Cap: 57M | | Average Daily Volume: 15M+ |

Do you want to mine cryptocurrency at home? This is something that you should give a read to. Beam (BEAM) is another MimbleWimble implementation that is like home mining in the most suitable way. It utilizes Hashii algorithm that is the best option for supporting GPU mining. All you have to download the official Desktop Wallet for starting it. It depends on the operating system of your computer too.

The mining software can be flagged up by the antivirus that has been installed in your computer because it detects the software as a harmful program that can cause danger to your computer. If it happens, you should immediately remove it from that designation. Otherwise, the mining process that you want to do will be in trouble and you won’t be able to do it easily. Once you download the block chin and sync it, you can start the mining process. For this, you have to configure your settings.

It is really important to know that the infrastructure of Beam involves the usage of expiring address (if you want to enhance the privacy). However, the permanent address is required to recover the mine revenues successfully. Otherwise, your token will be lost. For creating permanent address, you will need to navigate to the receive tab. It will be happened on the main dashboard of the software.

These are a few ways in which you can mine cryptocurrency easily. In today’s world of technology, it won’t be difficult for anyone to step into powerful economy and mine cryptocurrency at home through computer CPU because you can have software that may help you out for this process and you can easily manage it.

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