11 Best Online Video Editors 2022

Online Video Editors

For any business or a creator looking to gain traction, there’s no tool as powerful as dynamic visuals and sound to produce a lasting impact. That is why digital video is becoming increasingly important on the internet. When you combine that trend with the widespread penetration of devices capable of recording 4k+ quality videos – smartphones, GoPros, and DSLRs – the need for strong video editing software seems evident. Pros and novices alike hunt for the best-known video editing software, which must keep up with emerging formats like HEVC, HDR, and VR, while also processing  4K videos, as most modern gadgets can now produce 4K and occasionally even higher images.

We will share with you some of the best software that comes under the category of online video editors that will make your video editing less cumbersome. 

1. Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the finest online video editors for those who want to make professional-looking videos without spending any money. It may not be of the same level as that of Adobe Premiere Elements, but it can manage multitrack videos and has a non-linear processor. Ergo, the clarity of your material won’t be compromised throughout the process of editing.

Lightworks has a number of high-end features –  like the capability to upload and generate video in the background and real-time previewing of video effects – features that are generally found in costly products such as Final Cut Pro. 

2. Invideo

InVideo is a very straightforward video editor tool that will help you to make professional-quality videos/movies in minutes even if you’ve never edited a clip before, whether you want to create a YouTube opener, corporate presentation, or music video. It comes pre-loaded with everything you’ll need to make professional-looking films, including templates, stock footage, and an easy-to-use editor. The nicest aspect is that you can create a free account.

3. Animoto

Best suited for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Animoto’s UI is one of the easiest to navigate. It makes video editing a piece of cake, even for those with absolutely no experience editing videos. Animoto is great for making short, appealing films to publish on social media, such as demonstration videos, customer testimonials, and event announcements.

4. Adobe Spark

Do you need an engaging approach to sharing your story online? Adobe Spark is the most recent program that promises to make this easy. It replaces Adobe’s earlier creative social applications, Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice. Spark is a Web software that has three major tools: Post, Page, and Video –  all of which have mobile versions. The three tools, in that order, make social memes, micro webpages, and narrated instructions. Spark is, in some ways, a bottle of lightning: It’s difficult to create viral memes on purpose. Small companies, bloggers, advertisers, and students can all benefit from Spark.

5. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a free online video editor that provides the essential tools for creating and editing videos. You may tweak an existing template or use your own footage. It also comes with a screen recorder and a unique function, which allows you to combine movies, photos, and slideshows into a single project, making it ideal for generating lessons and capturing games.

6. Renderforest

This online movie creator comes with a variety of designs, as well as stock footage, audio, and photographs. If you need to make a short commercial video, brand unveil, tutorial, or music visualization, Renderforest comes in useful. However, one significant disadvantage is that you can’t make a film from the start; instead, you can just add your own graphics or footage to established templates.

7. Kapwing

Best for educators and vloggers, this free online video editor has all of the features of a professional editing program. To make a shareable movie, use Kapwing to crop and edit video segments, add transitions, overlay pictures and audio, and produce subtitles. It also enables teams, allowing creators to work together in real-time to edit a video.

8. WeVideo

WeVideo’s online video editor has a UI that is comparable to traditional editing tools, which may be difficult for new editors to grasp. It has a lot of features, such as access to stock videos and music, green screen and slow-mo, concurrent screen and webcam recording, and Twitter and Facebook connection. However, because there are no ready-to-use layouts, this is only a viable alternative if you want to work with your own video.

9. Wideo

Suitable for anyone who needs to create stellar explainer videos, this is a useful tool for making visual content from scratch. Wideo may also be used to add graphics to existing videos. Simple, informative tutorials lead you through the platform, making it simple for video editors of all experience levels. Wideo is a wonderful solution if you want to generate interesting explainer films, product demonstrations, or marketing and advertising.

10. Wave.video

Wave.video may take you a couple of minutes to get used to if you’re a first-time video editor. There are, however, helpful instructions to assist you. This is one of the greatest online video editors since it allows you to edit your own material as well as customize themes. Stock film and photographs can be added, layouts can be changed, and stickers and overlays can be added.

11. Magisto

Vimeo’s creative movie creator is one of the most user-friendly. The editor’s interface is full of prompts that will walk you through the procedure, so you don’t lose time learning how to use it. Magisto utilizes AI to create a movie in minutes with very little input from you. You may, however, take a more hands-on style and edit your film yourself.


Before selecting an online video editor, there are some important elements to consider. What type of movie do you want to produce, and for what purpose? 

You’ll need to think about the different formats the editor needs to export in, the quality it requires to generate, and if it can offer the visual effects you desire. In the end, choose the one that provides you with the maximum comfort and ease in editing your content.

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