Top 5 treks of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh can rightly be called as the epitome of beauty. A rich culture and diverse flora and fauna are home to it. It is blessed with the Himalayas, including two other mountain ranges. The presence of several major rivers, like Chenab, Ravi, Satluj and Yamuna,enhances the beauty. The landscapes, temples, and hills, brimmed with snow, glorify the land even more.

It is bound to be the country’s city of adventure. Therefore, trekking in a place like that is an enticing occurrence. Though all the treks of  Himachal Pradesh are fascinating, but there are a few favorites.

 5 Best Trekking destination in Himachal 

1. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Altitude: 8,530 ft to 14,009 ft

Grade Category: Easy to Moderate

Best season to visit: May to November 

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is located about 20 km north of Manali. If you’re a trekking novice, then this trek is an ideal option for you to explore the wilderness . No other trek will take you as far as Bhrigu Trek to the fascinating peak. This place was the home of Bhrigu Maharishi, and people felt lucky to be there. 

The trek does not only offer the mesmeric lake view but also offers a great view of grasslands.Texture, shape and color shift in the meadows remains with you all along the trek.You’ll see the meadows at their lushest green in the months of July to September. Everywhere, you can spot wildflowers.You can also see the mountains of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar dominating the skyline from these grassy knolls. 

2. Hampta Pass

Altitude: 9,800 ft to 14,000 ft

Grade Category:  Easy to Moderate

Best season to visit: June to october

The Hampta Pass trek can be easily accessed from Manali. It is renowned for its magnificent scenery and various terrains. While standing at the top of the pass, you will see, What’s ahead and behind are two separate worlds. This is how Hampta Pass is stunning and is one of the most dramatic crossover treks. 

Hampta pass is a well-rounded hike, where you can see various landscapes ranging from woodland to meadows to snow, as well as glimpse mountain threats such as rugged terrain and obstacles at high altitudes. You can have the bone-chilling experience of a stream crossing and can get a nap next to the beautiful wildflowers in the afternoon.

3. Deo Tibba Base Camp

Altitude: 10,200 ft to 13,775 ft

Grade Category: Moderate

Best season to visit: June to September

The Deo Tibba base camp trek is a stunning trek in the Manali. You can enjoy the fascinating view of Deo Tibba, Indrasan Peak ,Inderkilla Peak and Norbu Peak. At the foot of Deo Tibba hill, the emerald blue waters of mini Chandratal Lake and Jagatsukh glaciers are the biggest highlight of the trek.

Deo Tibba also has diverse flora and fauna.You can go through lush green pine, spruce, fir, oak & silver birch forests set against a stunning landscape. The mild gradient and ease of accessibility make it an outstanding trek for both beginners and seasoned individuals. No wonder it’s one of Himachal’s spectacular treks.

4. Pin Parvati Pass

Altitude: 17,380 feet

Grade Category: Difficult to Challenging

Best season to visit: July To september

The trek to Pin Parvati Pass is a real stunner and  an exciting trail that keeps surprises up its sleeves on almost every turn you take. From the pulley bridge at Tunda Bhuj to the marshlands of Mantalai to the alpine meadows of Odi Thach, the thick woods near Kheerganga and the glacier near the Pass, it has many unique experiences to offer you,

The uncanny Parvati valley through which the Parvati river chisels its curvy course, and the equally contrasting deserted mountains bearing the spell of Spiti’s barrenness, you can witness the tree line vanishing into a grassland of wildflowers and disheveled shrubs. Not only that, you witness the transformation of the landscape from green paradise to barren mountains, but also the transition between two cultures, from Hinduism to Buddhism, a remarkable rarity.  

5. Friendship Peak

Altitude: 17,352 feet

Grade Category: Difficult to Challenging

Best season to visit: June to October

It is located in Himachal Pradesh in the Pir Panjal range .Are you Craving a view of three ranges of mountains? Then, this is the one.

The Friendship Peak will soak in the Himalayas, Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar Range of Himachal Pradesh. During this trek, you will witness a lot of snow and stunning views of many peaks such as Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Indra Asan and Deo Tibba. 

This trek trail passes through beautiful alpine meadows and thick forests, and a range of streams are crossed. The flora and fauna found on the trek are extremely varied.Friendship peak is a high altitude trek but does not require any technical expertise or experience in mountaineering. However, it does require strong physical endurance. 

So, these were the top 5 treks of  Himachal Pradesh. The treks vary from basic to moderate to challenging stages.. One of the country’s most gifted states is Himachal Pradesh, and we must explore these serene states by treks and experience the great views.

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