If you’ve got got been on TikTok lately, you will have stumble upon human beings making motion pictures approximately magnesium iron silicate hydroxide jokes. In case you’re stressed approximately the meaning, we’ve got were given all of the information for you!

Social media systems have regularly been used to proportion jokes and motion pictures. The present day one which has stuck the eye of many is the magnesium iron silicate hydroxide comic story. While the comic story isn’t always precisely new, there are nonetheless numerous human beings accessible who haven’t were given a clue approximately what it means. As for individuals who recognise, they clearly can’t forestall sharing the same.


Lately, numerous human beings were asking their partners “are you magnesium iron silicate hydroxide” on TikTok. However, many appear stressed as they’re not able to reply that question.

At first, it seems like a technological know-how comic story. However, upon in addition investigation, customers get to recognise the actual meaning. Magnesium iron silicate hydroxide is the chemical method for a crystal.

While it won’t appear too bad, the comic story lies withinside the call of the crystal. The crystal is called “Cummingtonite.” We are positive after analyzing this you’ve got got found out what the comic story is all approximately.


Apart from this, there are numerous different TikTok jokes which have long gone viral withinside the past. Among them, the Candice comic story had emerge as the maximum famous.

The comic story begins offevolved with human beings asking their pals and own circle of relatives in the event that they recognise approximately “Candice”, or what befell to her. In reaction to this, maximum human beings respond with “Candice who?” Following this, the man or woman replies with “Candice d**okay healthy in yo mouth!”

However, maximum of the TikTok motion pictures are regularly reduce earlier than the person responds to them. Due to this, there were curious approximately the comic story. If you take place to stumble upon a person who asks you the same, make certain to keep away from that comic story.


While TikTok can a few irrelevant jokes. There are numerous different developments that you’ll try. These aren’t dangerous in any manner and are positive to preserve you entertained. Some of those developments include:

Adult Swim Trend

54321 trend

TikTok Starburst trend

The Beer Poster trend

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