‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Wants To Know What Its Best And Worst Quests Were, Here Are Mine

Cyberpunk 2077 maintains to press in advance making upcoming growth DLC, and one in all its important quest designers is searching out participant remarks to feed to his crew which will determine what labored and what didn’t withinside the base sport.

That might of route be Paweł Sasko, Lead Quest Designer and common streamer of the sport, one of the best human beings that communicates with the playerbase in any significant capacity. Here’s what he’s asking of players:

So, I’m going to undergo now no longer simply which quests labored, however which of them didn’t for me, and we’ll see if this makes its manner to him.

Best Missions


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The Heist – One common criticism is that quite an awful lot no different venture ended up stacking as much as the preliminary heist of the relic chip with Jackie, from the guidance to the execution, which worried each stealth and stay hearthplace segments, similarly to fantastic tale beats. It constantly felt like this became how the sport became supposed to be, however we absolutely by no means were given some thing that lived it as much as it after that, I felt, aleven though of route there have been different missions that have been correct of their personal ways.

Anything With Panam – Pretty an awful lot the complete Panam questline, her involvement withinside the important tale, her personal non-public quests, and her finishing, became fantastic. And now no longer simply due to my lady V’s unrequited weigh down on Panam, those have been clearly correct missions, from taking pictures down the delivery to rescuing Saul to blowing away Militech with a tank. Maybe it’s due to the fact withinside the barren region there has been greater room to breathe, however those sequences felt very GTA in a terrific manner.

The Hunt – I did come to be liking River as a person, however I mainly loved this serial killer hunt, minus perhaps the very give up wherein I want there has been a greater direct confrontation. But monitoring him, finding his domestic base after which exploring the horrors inside became fantastic.

Pyramid Song – If we’re speaking approximately definitely combat-unfastened tale missions that have been simply fantastic person moments, it’s tremendously tough to pinnacle Pyramid Song, Judy’s capstone venture that entails exploring her underwater hometown.

The Peralez Missions – This complete questline, which regarded to factor to the life of a Rogue AI pulling the strings at the best stages in Night City, became absolutely fascinating. My best criticism is that it trailed off too nebulously on the give up, and I desire we go back to it withinside the DLC.

Worst Missions

“Easter Egg” Plot Moments – These won’t all be precise missions, however I virtually disliked notably vital tale moments being hidden in the back of what felt like easter egg discoveries instead of aware choices. The important times of this that stood out is V failing to rescue Takemura from the collapsed constructing while it’s now no longer remotely clean you may or are speculated to try this in that segment, and it calls for a 2nd playthrough to get it right. The identical is going for the especially annoying “secret” finishing of the sport that is one of the pleasant endings to be sure, however it’s hidden in the back of basically a cheat code for the duration of one precise verbal exchange with Johnny. It also can consist of matters which are extraordinarily smooth to overlook like Jackie’s funeral or a horny rendezvous with Meredith Stout. I don’t like that form of presentation at all, it doesn’t experience fun, it feels cheap.

Aborted Plotlines

– There have been simply too many storylines that felt like they ended miles earlier than they need to had been over. The Peralez venture became correct sufficient to get beyond this, however I’m speaking approximately characters like Meredith Stout, Blue Moon, Lizzy Wizzy, Sandra Dorsett. And of route each unmarried lifepath venture that became a one-off that by no means went anywhere. Just a ways too many free ends scattered everywhere in the city.

Anything with Braindances

– Look, I get that this became a fab concept in theory, however in exercise it’s as interesting as going thru safety photos in actual existence might be, aka now no longer interesting at all. There are too a lot of those segments and that they take manner too long. Too many assets have been committed to this gadget that’s simply painfully un-fun.

Street Races

– I in reality preferred the storyline of the primary cluster of road racing missions with the bartender, and but the car/racing AI on this sport is so horrific that the sport virtually can’t do any greater of those till that’s fixed. I’ve by no means visible a greater absurd catch-up component or races that felt greater scripted. I would like greater car-primarily based totally missions, however Cyberpunk simply isn’t always constructed for that.

So, the ones are my picks, what approximately yours?

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