6 Ways to Cut Costs on Packaging and Retail

Packaging and Retail

Choosing the right packaging materials and designs can be crucial to your product’s success. However, one of the easiest ways to lose money on your new product or service is through overspending on packaging and retail products. Here are six strategies to cut costs on packaging and retail and help you succeed in the market with minimal investment

1) The Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

You’ve heard it before—and you’ll hear it again. If you want your business to compete in today’s competitive global market, ISO 9001 certification is a must. It boosts your company’s credibility by ensuring quality standards throughout every step of manufacturing, packaging, and logistics. But more than that, it saves you money by giving you access to inspection services in China, helping you avoid costly recalls or repackaging that could have been avoided altogether with proper oversight.

2) Audit Preparation & Execution

It might seem like common sense, but a major way to cut costs is by being prepared for an audit. Quality inspection services in China can help you prepare for a certification (like ISO 9001), but it’s also important that your business practices meet quality standards. If you don’t properly label products, for example, it could be considered a manufacturing error and result in demerits during an audit.

3) Cost Saving Solutions

Everyone wants a lower price, but cutting corners can be risky business. We offer inspection services in China so you can ensure that your packaging is delivered as expected. Our ISO 9001 audit ensures that your overseas manufacturing facilities are delivering quality products while keeping costs down. We also provide cost-saving solutions in retail. From product presentations and marketing materials to sales aids and signage, we have everything you need to get noticed without compromising your brand image or budget.

4) Tips for Managing Suppliers

You can often get big discounts by managing your suppliers through a third-party inspection company in China. An ISO 9001 audit, for example, is a standard procedure that can help identify shortfalls in product quality and streamline communication between you and your suppliers. This will save time, money, and energy down the road. The more efficient you are as an entrepreneur, of course, is part of what differentiates you from other companies in your industry.

5) Ask the Right Questions

ISO 9001 audits are required for companies looking to get certified, but that doesn’t mean you should take your auditor’s word for it. Make sure you ask questions about every aspect of your company’s performance. Seek out areas where your business can improve, and use those lessons learned in preparing for your next audit. Audits are meant to give a clear picture of how well a company operates—so embrace them!

6) What is an ISO 9001 audit?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. Basically, it is a worldwide network of national standards institutes that establishes industrial standards. ISO 9001 is a set of guidelines to help ensure organizations develop products and services in line with customer’s requirements, meet organizational business objectives, deliver value on time and control costs.

Wrapping Up

If you think about it, packaging is actually a retail channel in itself. Products need an outer layer to travel from manufacturers through wholesalers, into stores, and ultimately back into our homes. In fact, packaging accounts for 25% of your product’s price tag. As such, small adjustments to packing can make a big difference in how much your product costs at retail.

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