There are engagement jewelry or diamonds misconceptions and myths circulating across the net that frequently cause consumer frustration and confusion. Nowadays, with the pressing of a button we’ve got hundreds of assets to be had, and in relation to navigating diamond pleasant and ring pricing, in general, you may effortlessly locate your self beaten with contradictory information. For this reason – we are able to be explaining the 6 maximum not unusualplace diamond and engagement ring misconceptions in-intensity to assist simplify the shopping for process!

Six Most Common Engagement Ring & Diamond Myths

1 – Fluorescence is awful

asscher spherical cushion radiant emerald diamonds on girls hand

Simply googling fluorescence in diamonds frequently leads searchers to trust all diamonds with fluorescence seem milky, hazy, or even shine blue. However, now no longer all diamonds with fluorescence showcase those poor results. In reality, maximum diamonds with fluorescence decorate the stone’s shadeation as those mild undertones counteracts hotter colorings given off through near-colorless diamonds. For example, envision evaluating I-coloured diamonds – one and not using a fluorescence and one with robust blue. It surprises maximum to research the diamond with robust blue fluorescence truly seems whiter and brighter than the diamond without. Though it’s miles genuine there are diamonds that do showcase the poor results of fluorescence – this doesn’t follow to all diamonds with fluorescence. At Lauren B we hand pick out all the diamonds in our stock and do now no longer inventory diamonds which can be milky or hazy!

Check out our weblog submit all approximately fluorescence here!

2 – An SI1 or SI2 readability stone is a awful investment

numerous diamond shapes girls hand with rings

Stones withinside the SI1 and SI2 readability variety are categorized as being ‘barely included’ and once in a while those inclusions might be substantive to the bare eye. This grading scares many farfar from choosing stones inside this variety, as no person wishes to shop for a diamond with seen imperfections. Most don’t understand that many diamonds withinside the SI1 and SI2 variety truly have obvious or white imperfections which can be effortlessly hidden withinside the aspects or are positioned in which they can’t be visible to the bare eye. Every diamond is one of a kind so there are higher and worse SI graded diamonds– the key’s being capable of examine a diamond and decipher whether or not or now no longer it’s miles eye clean. Some SI1 stones actually have fewer, much less outstanding imperfections than VS2 options, and this may become saving you cash withinside the lengthy run.

three- An engagement ring ought to fee three months earnings

a couple of rose yellow white gold engagement jewelry on girls hand diamond moissanite

Today there aren’t anyt any set policies for engagement jewelry. The belief that a hoop ought to fee three months earnings is pretty old and seldom the norm in today’s world. At Lauren B your layout representative will urge you to spend simplest what you’re snug spending. Some humans shop for years to acquire a specific length stone – at the same time as others do now no longer. As a consumer, the fine manner to get the maximum bang on your dollar is through doing all of your studies and staying knowledgeable at the same time as spending inside your method.

For people who desire to be greater conservative spenders, lab-grown diamonds, moissanite or coloured gems are a budget-pleasant diamond alternative. Additionally, we’ve got more than a few diamond jewelry in inventory to suit a majority of fee ranges.

four- Customizing a hoop is greater costly

halo engagement ring pave diamonds putting ring unfinished

Staying on the subject of pricing – the subsequent false impression is one we’re regularly requested approximately at Lauren B. Unlike maximum jewelers – at Lauren B maximum of our customers favor to customise their ring to comprise the fashion factors they decide on inside their private budget. Many of our customers are greatly surprised to discover that customizing an engagement ring with us can truly prevent cash! Customizing offers each freedom and versatility to make a hoop uniquely your own, and also you will also shop extra money down the street in maintenance and changes due to the fact the hoop is custom designed to the precise dimensions of the diamond and to the wearer’s finger length. This method the integrity of the layout and the pleasant of the hoop is a lot better than some thing mass-produced – that is how maximum jewelry available in the marketplace are made. Custom-made jewelry surely have a cleanser and greater fashionable appearance, as well, which means you may be much less possibly to need to improve later on!

5 – Fancy Shapes are greater costly

girls hand a couple of diamond moissanite white gold yellow gold halo pave diamond engagment jewelry

Many trust that fancy-fashioned diamonds, that are any form except a spherical form, are greater costly! This is truly a big false impression – as spherical first-rate diamonds will constantly be the maximum costly diamond form. This is due to the fact spherical diamonds aren’t simplest the maximum first-rate, they’re additionally the maximum famous and there may be a far better call for for them. In addition, spherical diamonds are truly greater costly to reduce as greater of the hard is reduce away to acquire that perfect, spherical form.

6 – Certain Metal Colors are Trendy

girls hand protecting yellow gold engagement ring diamond wedding ceremony band compass set spherical diamonds

In the previous couple of years, yellow gold and rose gold have come to be a lot greater not unusualplace metallic shadeation choices. This spike in reputation has left many brides-to-be nervous approximately deciding on a fashion in yellow or rose gold due to the fact in some years it is able to be visible as ‘trendy’. The reality of the problem is that there are simplest four metallic shades which have been utilized in bridal rings relationship lower back decades. Both yellow gold and rose gold were utilized in rings for loads of years, tracing lower back to royal households all throughout the world. Just like something else, metallic shades could have a surge in reputation, however, on the cease of the day, there constantly has been white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. These metallic shades have constantly been extensively to be had and they’ll preserve to be, so arguably, they may all be taken into consideration traditional and could stand the take a look at of time! We additionally love how amazed our customers are once they see how flattering rose gold is on each pores and skin tone and the way white diamonds seem in yellow and rose gold settings.

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