Top things to do at Everest Base Camp

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Altitude: 18,200 ft

Best time to visit: March-May & September-December.

Everest Base Camp Trek is located in Nepal. This is One of the most amazing , picturesque and highest mountain treks in the world. It is not just a place where you put up a tent but it is more than that or you can say it is a seasonal city which appears for at least two months every year. Each expedition team makes up their own self-contained neighborhood who are  ready with everything the members need to recover from a climbing rotation. It is a busy and an exciting spot which holds a surprising number of amenities and activities to offer you.

Here is a list of the things you must do to keep yourself busy if you are here at Base Camp:

First of all, you must visit the following locations.

  1. To explore the camp and it’s beauty

Sitting at the edge of the Khumbu icefall,you witness a bird’s eye view of the everest base camp. You also see the Khumbu glacier. It gives you such a sight that fills you with amazement. Walking to expedition tents on the Everest Base Camp is an extreme excitement of its own. Among the extremely dangerous Khumbu Icefall Seracs, there is a labyrinth of expedition tents.Sometimes, you find such expedition tents whose climbers are really very hospitable and they will welcome you to their tents and amuse you with their stories.

  1. To do trekking among big mountains 

The biggest attraction of this trekking is its big and precipitous mountains which surround you from all the sides. On this trail, you will see peaks like Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Cho Oyu along with the traverse Himalaya’s largest glaciers such as Ngozumpa and Khumbu glacier. From the peaks you witness the dazzling view of sunrise and sunset. The feeling of being among big mountains also gives you a strong feeling of legacies of great mountaineers. You feel like you are walking on the trails which are filled with landmarks to their memory.  These all give you aesthetic views of nature drawn by Mother Earth. 

  1. To visit the Sherpa culture museum

This is a private museum in Chhorkung which has an intriguing collection of Sherpa cultural objects. It also has photos and press cuttings covering all the Sherpa Everest summiteers. You can look for the great photo of Tenzing Norgay assessing his porter’s loads from 1953. 

  1. Visit Sagarmatha National Park 

This Sagarmatha National Park centre is really a worthy place to pay a visit for its displays on Himalayan flora and fauna including the culture of the Khumbu Sherpas. From the front of this park centre, you can soak up an eye-watering panorama of Himalayan peaks, from Nuptse and Everest to Ama Dablam and Thamserku . 

Following is a list of things you can do to take a memorable moment away from here. 

  1. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee

Every year there is a lot of snowfall. So getting up early and enjoying your coffee while enjoying the fresh snow can be a refreshing memory which you can take back.

  1. Watch avalanches coming down the mountain

The landscape around Base Camp is extremely dramatic and avalanches are really vulnerable on those slopes. You can hear them throughout.

  1. Watching movies and playing games

Who does not love watching movies and playing games? You can enjoy poker nights here or the games like mountaineering monopoly which you can play with our neighbors as well. Watching movies is one of the simplest and enjoyable things that you can do here.

  1. Relax in the Yoga Lounge

It is a great place where you have a library, a carpet and room to stretch and relax. You can simply sit here and study books. You can spend as much time in the Yoga Lounge and relax yourself.

  1. Ice climb near Base Camp

Nothing can be better than the ice providing a great playground to those who are  interested in playing around with ice. Else, you can save your energy for climbing through the icefall. But there are usually a few people who climb and it is kind of fun to watch them climbing.

  1. Hang out with our neighbors

If you are here with your team, hanging out with neighbors can be more fun. But if you are alone here, then finding a neighbor and hanging out with them can prove more an enjoyable trip for you. You can enjoy your whole trip with your neighbors which will give you a better experience.

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