Sandhan Valley Trek Guide

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Sandhan valley located in the western side of Bhandardara region near Samrad village Ahmednagar district Maharashtra is also known as the valley of shadows is one of the greatest canyons with an altitude of valley trek 200 ft deep and about 1.5km long Sahyadri ranges on the Western Ghats. 

        The valley is rocky but beautiful making it a good challenging spot for trekking. The valley is surrounded by the highest peak in Maharashtra mighty mountains with AMK Alang, Madan and Kulang one of the toughest treks in Sahyadri. 

        The Sandhan valley is also known as the valley of shadows because of the deep ravines located between the two high walls of mountains obstructing the rays of Sun casting shadows falling on rocks. 

 Sandhan valley is surrounded by mighty ranges and the ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts who love to trek. The valley is located near bhandardara near Igatpuri. There are plenty of other activities to do other than trekking such as Rappelling, Camping, Rock climbing making your experience a lifetime of excitement and happiness. 

How to reach

   The Base of this trek starts from Samrad village. To reach Samrad village first you have to reach Kasara railway station which is a distance of 80kms which takes 3 hours to reach or you can take a Jeep for more convenience. It is best for self-drive as it is a perfect choice. The Distance to the valley is about 200kms which you can reach within 5 hours. 

Best time to visit for Trek

During the winter monsoon season, the visit to the Sandhan valley trek is mesmerising and memorable. During summer it’s hot and humidity makes you dehydrated more so the trek becomes exhausted. Any season of the year is enjoyable except summer. 

The Trek 

The Trek starts from the Samrad village walking through the shallow waters which are 2ft deep you will find patchy rocks around the corner. when you reach the other side you will be descending the path you will come across the Tarzan swing point where you have to cross the other side Rappelling using the rope ladder to get down. 

Once you get down you will find deep water pools among the rocky patches for hiking across the cave. After walking through some time you will reach a camping spot where you can find the Ajoba Hill and Bann pinnacle. You can spend a night watching the stars in the sky shining like flickering diamonds and watching fireflies having the best night stay experience. 

The sunrise view at konkan viewpoint is mesmerising to see the blissful mother nature. 

Another one of the specialities of Sandhan Valley is reaching the camping site. To reach, you have to rappel down one patch of 45 feet and the other patch you will descend with the help of ropes when climbing the second patch. 

This valley receives rainfall during the monsoon season making it a heavenly place with lush green gardens. The Trek route to sandhan valley is one of the enjoyable and most challenging treks of Sahyadri region. 

Other Attractions 

AMK Forts

You can discover this ancient first while trekking to the sanadhan valley to discover more about the history of the place.

Ratangad fort

You can also trek to this historic fort from Bhandardara through a moderate ascent.And Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls in Ratanwadi a few kilometres away from base camp is a must-visit to see the beautiful waterfalls gushing over the trails.

   Bhandardara attractions

If you are exhausted from trekking you can rest in bhandardara for a night and resume your trekking. while visiting the Bhandardara you can visit the numerous waterfalls such as picturesque waterfalls such as Umbrella falls, Randha fall, Kalsubai peak , Arthur lake and many others walking around the village of Ratanwadi.

Travel tips

  • If you have a medical condition or a weak heart you must avoid the trek.
  • Carry a power bank and DSLR
  • Carry a comfortable pack ag
  • If you are a first-time trekker then you should not attempt without a guide
  • Carry mosquito repellents, energy bars
  • Water bottles
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Carry an extra pair of sweaters if you are sensitive

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this challenging  yet remarkable trekking at sandhan valley.

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