Kheerganga trek Guide

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Kheerganga is the natural paradise and the spellbinding is the beauty of the kheerganga trek. This beautiful place is famous for its warm water spring and an amazing view of the valley and The kheerganga trek is a great place to refresh your soul and body.The Sar pass trek, Manikarn Gurdwara, Rasol are some of the tourist’s point of attraction nearby Kheerganga. 

For full experience of the region, the road taken from Kheerganga will be different from the one taken to it. The trek starts from Barshaini, at the dam built on river Parvati, and goes to Kheerganga, where you will be camping overnight in tents. From there, you come down back to Barshaini, towards Tosh which has seen a recent spurt in tourist activity. The total distance covered during the  kheerganga trek is 26 km. The terrain area seems a slightly tough upside or downward till the end. Because of this it will sometimes get steeper in certain areas of the trek. It can be easily covered within 1 or 2 days easily.

We are able to view insights of Nathan village and Rudra Nag village while going on the road of Kheerganga Trek. The amazing view promotes additional plus points which were for the ideal stops. Also are ideal to explore into the local culture of Himachal Pradesh. And the interactions with the local’s people, the local food and cafes is really leaves a memorable moments  After some time you will able to see the Rudra Nag temple which is the oldest temple and based on Lord Shiva which describes a huge pilgrim yearly. The Rudra Nag Waterfall is also an another beautiful destination to visit where you can go across while your way to the Kheerganga trek. The waterfall is so amazing because the water is clear and transparent where you can fill up your water packages. You can enjoy the warm refreshments at the nearest cafe. In such times, you will also able to came over shepherds with their parts of sheep were grazing grass near you. The mind-capturing scenes create this trek to Kheerganga an mesmerizing experience of your life. After crossing waterfall, the way became small steeper and you can begin seeming blue and yellow huts which mark the last milestone in whole trek. That indicates Kheerganga trek is not at long distance.

Afterwards ,you will reach Kheerganga where you were in the position which is  head straight for the Parvati Kund which becomes a more attractive spot for tourists in the winter season because of its snow and atmosphere like snowfall which really excites you and became a place of attraction by many tourists. And then you will notice that in Kheerganga there are many little cafes who serve you snacks and drinks. There are two types of  cafes in which one is open atmosphere type cafes and  closed atmosphere cafes for having dinner and meals in the evening which really blow your mind that having dinner under the sky and millions of shining stars is such an unforgettable moments of your life.

Info about trek-:

  • Difficulty level of the trek is moderate and easy.
  • The Highest point of  Kheerganga trek is at 10,065 feets.
  • The Nearest Airport is Bhuntar Airport in this region.
  • The nearest rail head is about150 km.
  • The region in which the trek is located is named kullu.
  • Kheerganga trek is always covered with snow in the winter season and sometimes snowfall too.
  • Starting point of the kheerganga trek is named Tosh.

Tips and tricks 

  • To carry warm clothes with you. 

without mentioning the season.

  • Be always ready with your trekking kit and equipment.
  • Carrying your own first aid .
  • Make sure that you have all the documents relating to trekking in this region.
  • Also take a raincoat with you which is usable in high altitude region.
  • To avoid any misunderstanding please take a professional guide with you.
  • You are responsible for any kind of condition during trek.

Things to explore 

  • Bonfire in this region is the best way to chill out with your friends.
  • Music session at kasol is really a massive experience. 
  • The beautiful valley named parvati valley is also a place of exploration with your group is ideal for nature lovers.
  • Safari in kheerganga and tenting in kasol gives memorable moments of your tour.
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