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Audiences have been looking ahead to Avatar: The Way of Water for 13 years now. With the release date looming, right here is why it took good-bye to make.

When James Cameron’s Avatar emerge as released in 2009, it took the world thru storm. Audiences everywhere (and we advocate everywhere) sped to theaters and made this sparkling sci-fi epic nearly $3 billion at the box office. To date, it’s miles the highest-grossing movie ever made, topping Avengers: Endgame and Titanic. After such big success, an Avatar sequel emerge as all but guaranteed. But 13 years later, enthusiasts are despite the fact that prepared to appearance if James Cameron will repeat the number one film’s explosive impact.

Earlier this 12 months, Avatar: The Way of Water subsequently had its release date added for December 16th, 2022. But this announcement came after a prolonged, stricken information of delays and setbacks. Per Variety, Cameron’s actual plan had Avatar 2 liberating in 2014, with Avatar 3 following handiest 3 hundred and sixty 5 days later. Of course, topics do now no longer continuously move as planned, but enthusiasts of the franchise are right to marvel how and why Cameron’s plans took 13 destiny years to fruition. While we wait the ones last few months, let’s test why Avatar: The Way of Water took this type of long time to make.

The Cost of COVID

Avatar 2 The Way Of Water

As Avatar: The Way of Water’s most important date looms, stakes are immoderate for James Cameron and 20th Century Studios. With a fee variety of over $250 million, and three extra Avatar sequels planned for the destiny, The Way of Water needs to be a massive success to make all this prepared (and money) honestly properly really well worth it. After such a variety of years of buildup, enthusiasts and critics alike are geared up to appearance Cameron’s new vision of the world of Pandora observed out onscreen.

But now now no longer every production put off can be avoided. With the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the filmmaking organisation slowed to a halt. Movies scheduled for release withinside the summer season season of that 12 months, like Top Gun: Maverick, were pushed once more as far as 2022, and Avatar: The Way of Water emerge as no exception.

In a communique with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cameron remarked that “COVID hit us find it irresistible hit everybody,” resulting in four and a 1/2 of months of out of place production time and a one-12 months release date put off. If now now no longer for the pandemic, then, the Avatar sequel may additionally moreover have been available to audiences as early as last December. Some topics have absolutely been out of Cameron and his crew’s control.

James Cameron’s Big Plans for the Franchise

Avatar enthusiasts who do now no longer look beyond The Way of Water may not be seeing the big picture. Cameron’s plans for the franchise are far large than one sequel, with Avatar 3, Avatar four, and Avatar 5 all slated for release thru 2028. However prolonged it takes, Cameron seems invested in making Avatar a prolonged-on foot series after the model of the Star Wars franchise or the Marvel cinematic universe.

Or, located some other way, he sees the world of Pandora as a few element whole of possibilities — yes, five movies’ honestly properly really well worth of possibilities. It’s as aleven aleven though Cameron might not leave Pandora withinside the returned of until he’s explored its farthest outer reaches.

This sprawling plan for the gathering has deeply impacted the producing schedule of Avatar: The Way of Water. When Cameron added in 2010 that he might be taking pictures Avatar 2 and 3 once more-to-once more, there were issues that the project had grown too big to manage, and people issues have now now no longer been located to rest withinside the last decade following. It’s a massive mission to try and shoot blockbuster movies at once, but this is the path Cameron decided on to take.

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To his credit, he effectively finished taking pictures Avatar 3 sincerely after The Way of Water had wrapped, but we might not be seeing the 1/three get admission to withinside the gathering until December 2024. It’s easy how this type of tightly-packed, ambitious production schedule have to purpose critical slowdowns withinside the Avatar release pipeline.

Creating an Underwater World

While James Cameron’s plans for the Avatar franchise are ambitious, his mind for evolving the world of Pandora are even bolder. Not satisfied with retreading the ground included thru the number one movie, Cameron decided he would leave the cliffs and forests of his sci-fi planet withinside the returned of at the same time as making Avatar: The Way of Water. As its name suggests, our placing this time spherical is the ocean.

The film will, of course, spend time on land too, but one of the key selling elements of the sequel is its breathtaking introduction of Pandora’s aquatic flora and fauna. And the debut trailer made it specifically easy sincerely how plenty art work went into identifying this underwater alien world.

To make Avatar: The Way of Water’s aquatic sequences possible, Cameron drew on his experience strolling with water on The Abyss and Titanic. Scenes had to be filmed in intensive, underwater taking pictures instructions that befell in big water tanks. For one scene, actor Kate Winslet emerge as required to keep her breath for 7 and a 1/2 of minutes, consistent with People. You get the idea: filming underwater is far from easy. In post-production, the movie organisation’s most important pc snap shots agencies then went to art work on rendering Pandora’s oceanic vistas in painstakingly positive CGI.

The effects communicate for themselves, but they came at a cost. More than a decade of tough paintings has lengthy beyond into making Avatar: The Way of Water, and audiences are sincerely now on the cusp of seeing it all come to fruition. It might not be prolonged now until the wait is subsequently, shockingly over.

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